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Get IDEA Free GPRS Tricks in 2G & 3G 2013 – [ Tricks & Tips ]

IDEA users now get this free gprs trick for borwsing and downloading completely for free.In previous post i've shared Free 3g Trick in IDEA .Before going to share this trick with you.Let me tell you that "it is not going to be working so long" .So as soon as IDEA officials find this loophole ,they'll surely ban/block this IDEA free gprs trick.

Try this before it gone! So herewe go with the simple trick.

The trick here is that " You need to use IDEA MMS settings to browse web not usual IDEA GPRS settings.

Note that "Use it on Low Balance of Rs.1 " else your balance may reduce,so beware of it!

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To be clear : You have to select MMS settings from your list of settting available in mobile,if not i've given the IDEA mms setting below, Create a New setting with following parameter.

             APN  : mmsc
             IP      :
             PORT : 8080

Save it and Restart your mobile.Now use it! You can enjoy free browsing in 2g as well as in 3G .
if you're in 3G circle,you can get free 3g in IDEA .

Thats it! It is tested and found to be working in some states like Gujarat & Other north indian circles. Check whether you're able to use this for free gprs or not.

Post your comments below,if working or not! Share it to your friends on facebook,twitter! Show them your love..

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